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Canned Motor Pump


  • Sturdy built
  • Fine finishing
  • Long functional life

Further Details: Canned Motor Pump


  • Delivery size: up to 250 mm
  • 3 Capacity: up to 1000m3/hr
  • Head: up to 135 m
  • Temperature: -40oC to 270oC
  • Working Pressure: up to 120 Kg/cm2
  • Speed: 3000 RPM (Syn) & 1500 RPM (Syn)
  • Voltage: 415V, 50 Hz 3 Phase

Special Features

  • No seal-no leakage
  • No coupling-no alignment and no vibration problem
  • No separate lubrication of bearing and no contamination of lubricant
  • No antifriction bearings
  • Small and compact design resulting in saving in installation space
  • Easy maintenance and longer life
  • Extremely low noise level Absolute safety from risks of fire
  • Automatic thrust balancing Vacuum tight construction prevents air contamination of process liquids


The high reliability of these pumps makes them suitable for pumping of toxic, hazardous liquids, high temperature, high pressure services in nuclear power plant, Lithium Bromide circulation in refrigeration plant, Ammonia transfer in fertilizer plants, refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and other process industries for handling toxic, hazardous or expensive fluids.

Construction Features

KBL Canned Motor Pumps are developed, based on the technical know-how from Nikkiso Co.Ltd., Japan. Canned Motor Pump is a centrifugal pump with pump and hermetically sealed electric motor mounted on single shaft thus eliminating the requirement of mechanical seal or other sealing device. Entire rotating assembly is immersed in the liquid, and motor stator and rotor are isolated from the pumped liquid with corrosion resistant, non-magnetic liner and sleeve. A part of the pumped liquid is by-passed through the motor, for cooling of motor and lubricating the bearing.


Axial suction and top centre line delivery. Smooth hydraulic passages for high efficiency. Volute type casing connected to liner disc and adapter plate.


Enclosed/semi-open type, statically and dynamically balanced. Hydraulic balancing of impeller achieved by means of automatic thrust balance arrangement.

Auxiliary impeller for bearing lubrication and motor cooling is also available.


Stainless steel shaft accurately machined and ground. It is supported by ceramic/carbon graphite sleeve bearings in motor which are lubricated by pumped liquid. A return passage for circulating liquid for cooling motor and bearing lubrication available through the shaft.

Direction of Rotation

Clockwise viewed from driving end.

Electric Motor

2/4 pole, 3 phase, 415V, 50 Hz, Class of insulation F, H or C. Flame-proof and explosion proof construction with built-in safety devices available.


Standard: Drilled to ANSI-B 16.5 Class 300.
Optional: Drilled to DIN/IS/ASA/BS.

Additional Features

  • Dry run protection device.
  • Single phase protection.
  • Over current and under current protection devices.
  • Winding temperature detector (Resistance Temperature Detector and Thermistor).
  • Bearing wear monitor Mechanical and Electrical.
  • Direction of rotation detector.

Material of Construction

Casing: Stainless Steel, CF8M, CF3M
Impeller/Auxiliary Impeller: Stainless Steel, CF8M, CF3M
Stator Liner: Hastelloy, Inconel, SS316L
Rotor Sleeve: Hastelloy, Inconel, SS316L
Bearing: Ceramic, Carbon graphite
Thrust washer: Tungsten Carbide, SS316L with HCR/Ceramic coating
Shaft Sleeve: Tungsten Carbide, SS316L with HCR/Ceramic coating.

Product Code : 03      Brand Name :CHAMPAKLAL & SONS
Trade Information
Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Unit of Measure : Unit/Units
Supply Ability : In stock/On Order Per Week
Delivery Time : 24 Hours
Main Domestic Market : Gujarat