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Dewatering Submersible : JUMBO series


Construction sites, Mines, Thermal Plants, Pits & Quarries, Narrow Coffer Dams or deep Excavations, Jumbo drain pumps are always first choice because of a advance technology indigenised to suit Indian conditions.

Unique features :-

01. Dual Seal Protection :
Jumbo drain pumps are provided with two independent mechanical seals for dual protection against pump failure. The lower seal prevents water from entering into the seal chamber. The upper seal provides additional protection to the motor against water seepage inspite of the failure of pump seal.
02. Low voltage Motor :
Specially designed low voltage motor protects it from burning. enabling jumbo drain pumps to function within wide range of 320 volts t to 440 volts.
03. Durability and perfect Alignment :
Two sets of extra heavy bearings and extra heavy shaft facilitate perfect alignment minimum deflection longer durability.
04. Artificial Pressure Zone :
Jumbo drain pumps are specially designed for creating an automatic higher pressure zone inside the motor, ensure that no water enters inside the motor, while operating the pumpset.
05. Corrosion / Erosion Proof Components :
All components of Jumbo drain pumps treated with anti-corrosive coat. These components also do not have treaded joints thus preventing joint failure. Stainless steel helicoils are usued for fastners.

Other important Features of JUMBO DRAIN Pumps :
1. Cooling arrangement :
In view of the hot temp. in our country, cooling of motor has been given almost importance in the design of Jumbo drain pumps.
2. Sturdy construction.
3. Dynamically & Hydraulically Balanced Assmbly.
4. Quick and easy inspection.
5. Oil lubrication.
6. Limited wear – Very little maintenance.

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