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Single Phase Monoblock Pump

These Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps are of single stage, end suction, unicasing type fitted with cast iron impeller are specially designed for Domestic water supply, Hotels, Apartments, Gardens, Small farms, Agriculture & Industrial application. It will give good discharge at higher heads.

Features :

  • Can withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 180 -240 Volts.
  • Suction lift upto 7.5Mtrs.
  • Top flat efficiency curve minimum variation in efficiency in entire operating range.
  • Efficiency at par with Internationally available pumps higher upto 10 points than minimum required by Indian standard specifications.
  • Models are with IP-44 protection.
  • Class of insulation ‘B’.
  • Designed to prevent overloading and motor burning.
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure minimum vibrations.
  • Replaceable wearing parts and hence longer life.
  • Designed for automatic air release during priming.

Application :

  • Gardening and small farm irrigation.
  • Industries, for clear water handling.
  • Water supply for domestic use in high-rise Apartments, Buildings and Hotels.


Head 6 – 50 meters
Capacity 28 – 0.4 Litres per second
Power Ratings 0.37kW to 3.7kW ( 0.5 HP to 5 HP )
Direction of Rotation Anticlockwise, when veiwed from suction side.

Material of Construction:

Impeller Cast Iron
Casing Cast Iron
Motor body Cast Iron
Shaft Carbon Steel
Sealing Mechanical Seal

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